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Ten Golden Secrets & Techniques of Marriage

This piece is for individuals who are married and those preparing to get married.

1. Absolutely everyone you marry has a weak spot :- God has no weakness, every rose flower has its own thorn. So if you focus on your spouse’s weakness you can’t get the best out of his/her strength.

2. Anybody you marry has a darkish history:- No one is an angel. When you get married or you want to get married, stop digging into someone’s past. What matters most is the present life of your partner. The beyond cannot be change. Pay attention on the present and the future.E

3. Every marriage has it very own demanding situations:- Marriage isn’t bed of roses. Each shining marriage has long gone via its very own test of warm and excruciating fire. Authentic love is proved in time of challenge. Fight for your marriage! Make up your mind to stay along with your spouse in time of needs. Don’t forget this is the vow you made on your wedding day.

4. Every marriage has extraordinary ranges of achievement:- Don’t compare your marriage with that of any one else. We are created to never be same. A few will be far in front and others some distance at the back. To avoid marriage stresses be patient, work hard and with time, your marriage desires shall come true.

5. To marry is to declare a war:- whilst you marry, you should claim a warfare against enemies of marriage. A number of the enemies of marriage are lack of knowledge, not been prayerful, unforgiven spirit, adulatory,third party influence, stinginess, stubbornness, lack of love, rudeness, spouse battery, laziness, disrespect, cheating. Be geared up to combat and maintain your marriage zone.

6. There is no perfect marriage:- There may be no geared up made marriage everywhere. Marriage is hard work, volunteer yourself and perfect it each day. Marriage is sort of a car with tools oil, tools field, again hassles and if this components aren’t nicely maintained, the car will brake down somewhere alongside the street and exposing the occupant to dangerous circumstances. Lots of us are careless about our marriage… Are you? If you are, please pay attention to your marriage.

7. God can not provide you with the perfect person of your dream :- God gives you, male or female inside the shape of raw substances in order to mound what you choice. You could choose a lady who can pray for 1 hours however your spouse can simplest pray for half-hour. Along with your love, prayer and encouragement, she will be able to improve.

8. To marry is to take a risk:- You can’t expect what’s going to manifest after marriage, as scenario may exchange, so leave a room for adjustment. Husband can lose his good job or you may fail to have babies. All these require you to be prayerful otherwise you might divorce.

9. Marriage isn’t just agreement, but commitment:- Marriage desires general commitment, love is the glue that makes a pair stick collectively. Divorce begins in the mind. In no way consider divorce! By no means threaten your spouse with divorce. Choose to stay married! God hates divorce.

10. Every marriage has a price to pay:- Marriage is like a bank account. It is the cash you deposit into your account that you will withdraw. If you do not deposit love, peace and care into your marriage, you are not to expect the best. You can’t love without giving and sacrifice.

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